Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Meeting of Alliance for Peace and Justice



Attending: Lu Stand, Mike Mulvaney, Judy Collins Cumbee, Ralp Banks, Javed Khan, and Terri Albrecht-Schmitt


Minutes taken and submitted by Terri Albrecht-Schmitt.


1)  APJ signed onto a letter that was composed by Arise that was sent to Senator Shelby.  We used our new executive committee members for immediate approval of this before the meeting.  Judy expressed that the committee was useful to better address immediate concerns, such as this as they come up instead of waiting on a majority of folks to respond.  (Efficiency is good.)


2)  Judy encourages individual signatures of the Gaza ceasefire.  See Judy’s previous e-mail entitled “Gaza Cease-fire Now!”.


3)  Javed reported that our website (www.peaceeagle.org)  allows us to have a group e-mail account for contact purposes.  We could have one or perhaps each officer has one.  We will address this again at next month’s meeting.


4)  Judy asked for a member to call representatives to tell them that APJ strongly supports HB 308 for a Constitutional Convention.  (Terri Agreed.)  She also encouraged individuals to call or e-mail reps.  FYI:  I spoke with reps Martin and Sherer.  I left messages for Davis and Moore with a staff person and recorded messages for Love, Bandy, and Canfield.  The rest I did not get to.  The bill passed 9 – 4.  In 2010 we will have a chance to vote IF THE BILL PASSES ON THE HOUSE FLOOR AND SENATE FLOOR---more steps to go


5)  Judy reminded those present that Jubilee is going on March 7 & 8th in Selma, AL.  It is  remembering Bloody Sunday and celebrating enactment of the National Voting Rights Act, but addressing current issues also as with workshop on Immigration,etc.


6)  Judy suggests that APJ buys an ad in the O-A News, maybe other papers, showing the cost of war based on tax dollars and referencing our first ad in 2003.  This ad would be placed before April 15th, if approved.  She will find out about ad cost and report back [I thought someone in Auburn was going to check on this since it is long distance for me??


7)  Judy suggested some folks, APJ, student groups, etc may want to participate in Winter Soldier Hearings (March 13 –15th).  This event is organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Please see below for more info.http://ivaw.org/wintersoldier

If you do participate, please share your thoughts at April’s meeting!


8)  Alabama Arise is planning on a public showing of “Sicko”, film by Michael Moore.  Stay tuned!


9)  Lu brought up about a new web Peace alliance for AL and MS.  We said yes we are willing to discuss project details with them and participate.  Mike will tell Andrew Lieman our response.


10)  Javed suggests that we have a place on our website for the actions that we participate in e.g. the letter that we signed for Arise.  He will create this spot so that others can see more of what we have done.  (Thanks, Javed!)


11)  Ralph, Judy, and Jim Allen went to Alabama Arise’s Lobby Day.  Ralph is considering writing up his experience on Lobby Day.  (Go! Ralph Go!)


12  Judy brought up the Second Chance Act of 2007.  This act gives people who have been incarcerated a 2nd chance – a chance to start again with some support to try to reduce their likelihood of repeating another crime.  We agreed to sign a letter to Bradley Hayes, a staff member of Jeff Sessions, who seems to be the person holding up this act (Session, not Hayes).  Mike will send the letter.  (Thanks, Mike.)


13)  Judy brought up the arrests of SDS members (Students for a Democratic Society).  Please see her previous e-mail about this.  We will discuss at April’s meeting. 


14)  Mike gave us a campus update.  A) Auburn Action Network is a nonaffiliated AU student alliance that keeps different groups connected on issues such as justice issues.  We are encouraged to participate in their events.  (You must have a facebook account in order to look them up.)  B) ASAP is a student environmental group on campus, primarily concerned about global warming.  C) Student Action Network is the group that Mike and Chris and others have been trying to get official university recognition for their group.  They are primarily a peace group.  They were denied affiliation at an undisclosed meeting


15)  Terri wants everyone to be aware of a great event coming up on Saturday, April 5th.  GrOw GREEN at the Forest Ecology Preserve 9 am – 3 pm.  Sustainability speakers, vendors, services, lots of children’s activities and more!!!


16)  Lu wants us to think about if we want to get business cards to pass out at events.


17)  5th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq-


 March 19, 5:00-6:00 p.m. -- Toomers’ Corner, Magnolia & College Streets, Auburn

  Participate in the Alliance for Peace and Justice’s Public Witness to:

  Support our troops by bringing them home, 

  Commemorate all the direct losses of this war, both U.S and Iraqi,

  Call for converting funds for wars abroad to meeting escalating human needs at home.


  6:15-7:00 p. m. --Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (AUUF), 450 E Thach

  Covered dish supper—Bring friends and also food to share (Beverage provided)


 7:00-9:00 p.m.—AUUF--See and discuss NO END IN SIGHT, nominated for Academy’s Best Documentary Film


Jim made a PDF of film, please see a previous e-mail.  Lu will contact Auburn Villager, Place Coalition, and AU Dems.


Mike made the above press release.  Javed will contact (did) contact the Ministerial Association and request that the info go into their church bulletins.


Mike will contact Brittany Branyon of the O-A News, APR, and college Libertarians. 


Terri suggested that APJ folks write letter to the editor about the war and mention the event too.  Terri will contact Ashley Hopkinson of The Plainsman. 


Judy will contact Rob about “Eyes Wide Open”.