APJ Agenda

Aug. 22, 2006

Busch Center


Terri, Judy, Lu, Ralph, Mike (Chair)


  1. (Judy)  Sept. 11 events: Sis and Jerry Levin to speak.  The Fellowship is available for 9/11 for the Levins to speak.  Vigil from 5-6 pm at Toomer’s Corner.  (Judy will contact Frank DeGraffenreid to inform the police of the event.)  Potluck at 6:30. After dinner talk at 7:30.  Nothing is lined up for campus activity.  The AUUF is contributing to their honorarium.  Communications and journalism professors are wanted for time with Jerry.  Education professors may be interested in Sis.  They would be available from 8 am on 9/11.  The high schools may be a good forum for the Levins. Emma is to make a flier for the Levins.  This can’t happen until we have times that they will speak. Judy will give info to Emma.  Emma will design a flier. (We can print 50 now with the information we have currently to distribute at Sundilla this Friday.  Ralph will bring fliers there.)  Mike will have them printed.  Ralph, Terri and Lu will help to distribute.  Articles should go out to the Plainsman and the OA News.  Ralph will contact “Wildman Steve” for possible radio time.  Judy will contact Bob Sanders.  Lu will bring the signs to the vigil.  Hopefully we will have a brochure ready by then.


  1. (Judy) Sept. 21, International Peace Day.  A supper at 5:30 at the AUUF and a film afterwards (“Why We Fight” at 6:30) for 90 minutes then a vigil at Toomers (8-9 pm).  Fliers would be good to hand out at the farmer’s market.  Judy proposed showing a film afterward.  Mike will try to get the film thru Netflix.  Lu will find out if the AUUF is available.  Mike will find info on purchasing the DVD.  Ralph will make soup.


  1. (Judy) Friends Committee on National Legislation info ---Might we aim to go to Rogers' office on the 12th, taking Levins to speak with Mr. Rogers in solidarity with the Call for Freedom sponsored by the FCNL.  Lu will get in touch with Cheryl to see about getting to speak with Mike Rogers.


  1. We have $532.16 in the bank.  We have a $300 obligation to the Levins.  We have a $400 or so obligation for the bumperstickers.  We have a $50 donation.


  1. (Lu)    Do we want to change the PO Box name to APJ?  Yes.


  1. (Lu)    Do we want to change the checking account name to APJ?  Yes.  We will keep the current checks with the old name until they run out.


  1. We will give $20 to the AUUF.  Terri will send a thank you note to them for the use of their facilities.


  1. Thank you Jim Gravois for the donation toward the bumberstickers.


  1. (Lu) Connie Salts, the AUUF president, asked what we wanted to do with the stack of rally/peace signs in the Busch house basement. She said we are welcomed to store them there, as long as they would be used and not forgotten about.  We will get rid of the outdated signs.


  1. Farmer’s market update.  Terri and Lu will sit at the market on Aug. 31.  Ralph will also help to sit at the market in the future.  Inventory, funds.  Mike will reserve a table.


  1. Website.  This needs to get up and running, especially since the bumperstickers are out.  Mike, Emma and Rob will hopefully be able to help maintain the website.


  1. Update on "Living the Dream: A March to Redeem the Soul of America".  (Judy)  We have a campsite in Selma for Nov. 11 for nonviolence orientation.  Judy has information regarding this extension of the Selma to Montgomery march.  The march will pass through Tuskeegee.  The committee is looking for help with food, hospitality, publicity, transportation, etc. for Nov. 16 around the Opelika area.  Next steering committee meeting is Sept 12.  Anyone with a van available would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Announcment:  A “Creating a Culture of Peace” workshop is scheduled for Oct 5-8 at Camp McDowell in Jasper, AL.  Registration is $50, and food and lodging is $139, for a total of $189.  The Fellowship of Reconciliation is sponsoring this workshop.


  1. Next meeting is Sept 5.