December 5, 2006 Minutes


Members in attendance:  Ralph, Lu, Diana, Anwar and Terri


Note: We need immediate feedback out MLK Day and 3000th Soldier Events.  They are rapidly approaching. 


There was discussion about a monthly (or so) movie showing. 

Anwar has several good movies to begin our series.  “USA the Movie” was one among others.  We need to hammer out details such as when to show, coordinating set-up  and take-down, etc if we are to progress on this.  We also need some one to check on the legalities of public showings

of movies.  Do we need permission, even if we don’t charge?


Summary of “Living the Dream March”:

         A video of it was shot along the route, perhaps we can see?

Cathy Kelly was moving in her speech.  Opelika seemed to be the highpoint, overall not as much impact or participation as was hoped for.


Fort Benning SOA Watch:

         Roy Bougeois spoke.  Some countries that have already pulled out or are

doing so are Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Bolivia.

Each year some protesters are let in to tour SOA.  Our government says

That only about 1% of the 500,000 soldiers trained commit atrocities.

How many does that make?



Martin Luther King Jr Day Event:

         Interfaith vigil on Sunday evening that we coordinate.  Lu suggested

         Some sort of personal sharing by participants would be nice. 

         Diana brought up a very good question.  What is our niche for

         MLK Day?  When we combined last year with Ethel White’s group

         Our message seemed a little at odds with the pastor’s.  Lu pointed

         out that our message tends to center more on anti-militarism.  Can

         we do a potluck and a vigil?  We would like to bring in representatives

         of different faiths to share their perspectives at the vigil.  UU drummers

         again?  What about showing a movie after the potluck and vigil?

         Should we spend some APJ money to pay for childcare if showing a


         Could we have someone speak on the bias of recruiting, race, economics,

         Etc? MLK or another time?


Annual Selma Jubilee Celebration:

         1st weekend in March Do we want to promote it?


3000 Soldier Event:

         Should be around New Year’s Eve.  Plan on being at veteran’s memorial

         in Auburn.  Make 3000 crosses out of popsicle sticks or twigs, etc.  (Need

         to start work on this now.)  Could we label by month or year killed? 

         Currently about 640,000 Iraqis dead, how might we signify this too?

         Paint crosses on black cloth? That makes roughly 213 Iraqis dead to 1

         American soldier.  Chain link was suggested, but not enough time to

         do now, could we work on a chain for a future event?