Lu, Terri, Emma, Ralph, Muhammad, Javed, Jim Allen, Judy, Jehanara (welcome!), Mike.


Minutes for Feb. 6, 2007:


1)   Invitations.  Invite people who have donated money to us to become members of our listserv.  Javed and Lu have the list of past donors.  Lu will send email addresses to Javed.

2)   FarmerÕs Market.  We should take stock of our inventory and see if we need to place any orders now. Ralph will contact Sharon Robert regarding coffee and chocolate.

3)   Website.  Javed has renewed our website and will let us know the cost.

4)   Banner.  Mohammad has a banner for the APJ.  Cost:  $128.  He is willing to donate $60 of the total.  (A big thank you, Mohammad!)  Diana wrote the check for $68.

5)   Vigil.  Lt. Watada vigil on Feb. 12, 2007 at 5:15 pm at ToomerÕs Corner.  We should pass out info at these vigils.  Letter to the editor may be appropriate. Monday, Feb 12 at 5:15 pm at ToomerÕs Corner.  Mike will call The Plainsman.  The OA News and the TV station will be contacted as well (Judy). 

6)   NOTE:  Next meeting: 5:30 pm (yes, FIVE thirty, not 6:30 as usual) on March 6, 2007.  There will be a book discussion at 7 pm:  ÒPeace Not ApartheideÓ by Jimmy Carter.




á      Feb. 9-10.  Sabeel Conference in Birmingham.