APJ Minutes

Jan. 8, 2008

In attendance:  Diana, Lu, Terri, Mike (chair), Chris, Ethyl


  1. MLK vigil.  Sunday, Jan. 20 from 4:45 to 5:45 at Toomer’s Corner.
    1. Drummers will be invited to start at 4:45 and play for 15+ min.
    2. Lu will contact the drummers.
    3. Candles will be provided.
    4. Chris will secure candles and be reimbursed.
    5. Candle holders may be needed.
    6. Amelia Boynton Robinson will be invited.
    7. Diana will contact the Reverend’s Assn.
    8. Lu will contact Johnny Green about a 5-6 min. speech.
    9. Mike will contact the OA News, Plainsman, Eagle Eye News, WEGL, Place Coalition, Villager and the Corner News.
    10. Lu will contact the police chief and check for permit requirements for sound amplification.
    11. Lu will bring 4 chairs for the elderly.
    12. Muhammad is in possession of the MLK banner.
    13. The theme this year will be “Beloved Global Community”.
    14. The schedule of events is:

                                                               i.      Drummers

                                                             ii.      Candlelight vigil.

                                                            iii.      Singers (Earnestine Reese? Jessie? Ann’s friend?)

                                                           iv.      Speakers (Johnny Green? Rev. Faulk? Jay Zellers?  Firasat Ali?)


  1. Unanimous support to provide $25 for a quarter page APJ ad in the souvenir booklet for the 3rd Congressional District Banquet in Lanett on Jan. 26.  (Judy)


  1. $20 per month will be donated to the AUUF for use of the Busch Center, to be paid quarterly.


  1. Voter registration table at the community market behind Durango’s.  The market is open Wed. – Fri. 8-1:30 and Sat. 8-noon.  If you are available to sit at a voter registration table during these times, please contact Terri.


  1. Eyes Wide Open.  Rob may have access to the display of fallen soldiers’ boots in Birmingham.  We are welcome to set up this display at the Ebenezer Church on Pit St. at 12 noon on MLK Sunday.


  1. Announcements:


    1. Sat., Feb. 9.  Statewide town hall meeting in Boykin at 10 PM in the Community Center.  Issues will include the status of healthcare.
    2. Feb. 16.  The Big Event.