APJ Minutes

May 9, 2006, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Busch Center

In attendance:  Javed, Lu, Judy, Diana, Ralph, Terri, Mike (Chair), Anwar, Gloria


1. The group voted unanimously that Henry Duke should not serve as an APJC moderator.


2. PO Box and keys. (Diana)  Both keys have been found.  The PO Box costs $80 a year.  The UU board seems fine with our mail being sent to the Busch Center.  We now have the box until August 2006.  Maybe we can use the money from the PO Box on a website. What if the APJ moves, or stops coming to the Busch Center.  We can use 508 Auburn Dr. (the Busch Center).  Diana has two keys and would like to pass off one next month.  A decision will be made by July.


3. Jim Allen looked up Donnelly-Colt bumper stickers, 500 is $350, 1000 for $420, 1500 is $515.  A consensus was reached that we should buy a set of 1000 after we get a permanent website so that the web address can be put on the bumper stickers.  People may want to think of slogans other than ÒPeace EagleÓ in the meantime. There may be a concern about drawing vandals to the UU if we put an address on the bumper sticker.


4. $250.16 is in the treasury for APJ.  A collection of $263 was made by members at this meeting, for a total balance of $513.16.  Special thanks to Ralph!


5. Javed will look up webspace and domain names.


6. Voter registration forms.  (Terri)  Two kinds were distributed:  one you mail in (we should provide a stamp), the other has to be brought to the Lee Co. Courthouse (it doesnÕt matter who brings it in).  We can bring them to the farmerÕs market (ÒVoter registration hereÓ).  We should have the pardons and paroles phone number for former convicts.  Deadlines for voter registration are 10 days prior to elections.  We should also contact the AU Dems to see about their plans to register voters. Do they have a canvassing plan?


7. Presentations/Speakers.  (Judy)  Considerations include the Sis and Jerry Levin, Roy Bourgeois, Susan Mims and Bruce Gagnon.  September is good for the Levins.  A $300 honorarium is requested in order to help fund their work with the Christian Peacemakers in Palestine.  A Speaker Committee consisting of Judy, Anwar and Ralph has been formed to handle this event.  Speakers can stay with Gloria if they need a place to stay.


8. A march from Montgomery to Columbus is proposed as an extension to the Selma to Montgomery march.  A steering committee is being formed, contact Judy (judysi@knology.net) for information or to volunteer.  A marching choir is proposed as well.


9. Fundraising.  Diana will look into organic chocolate with Sharon Roberts.  The farmerÕs market will be a good opportunity to fundraise.  Organic fair trade coffee is a possibility as well, thought the chocolate sells better.  We should look at other opportunities as well.  Gloria, Terri and Mike should be able to maintain a table once a month.  Mike will look into details to have a table at the market. Other ideas:  Local artisans to raffle or donate, Opelika arts center might donate something (Gloria), local beekeeper products (Gloria) and crafts can be sold at the farmerÕs market.  A list of the events to which weÕve contributed can be made and put on the listserve to solicit donations for a banner, bumper stickers, promote our presence in the community, get a website, etc.


10. Javed will check about an existing flier for the APJ to pass out at the market.


11. Community market volunteering.  Please come with some dates in mind.  Volunteering opportunities are on Saturdays.  They will likely need at least three people.  Diana will ask for dates from the community market.


12. Announcements:

§ June 10, World Naked Bike Ride in Atlanta to protest oil dependency.  Contact Mike for more details.  mulvamj@auburn.edu

§ May 16, Judy will attend a Democratic club to screen candidates in Chambers Co.  Contact Judy for more details.  judysi@knology.net


13. Soldiers Speak Out DVD to be viewed next month if there is time.


14. Next meeting, tentatively is scheduled for June 6, 2006.