Minutes of Alliance for Peace and Justice Meeting, Nov.6, 2007, with action items in bold.


Attending: Javed Khan, Ralph Banks, Muhammed & Jehanera Ali, Terri Albrecht-Schmitt, Rob Collins, Anwar Ahmed, Wes Stubblefield, Joy Huyler, Lu Stand, Judy Collins Cumbee


1) All agreed we need to separate notetaker task from that of facilitator—(Terri facilitated in Mike’s absence; Judy took notes—Someone needs to volunteer to take notes at the Dec. meeting)


2) Form a phone tree system for quick communication among core—Jehanera will form the tree; people listed relevant numbers. Absent people should send by email their numbers to <drmali2001@yahoo.com>, with subject APJ Phone Tree.


3) Rob agreed to be regular liaison with AU student organization.


4) Treasury statement: We presented a check to AUUF for Fair Trade coffee, which we purchased from AUUF for use of AUUF facilities.

Lu moved we give AUUF $$ every 2 months, revisiting that determination on regular basis—maybe quarterly?

$$ in bank + $$ Lu brought from ag market sales provides a balance of $$ (Lu received 1 Peace Eagle bumper sticker request at our PO Box 2654).

                  Javed notes we pay $$ every 6 months for website; he has paid it for the current 6 months.


5) Agreed to have meeting time begin at 6:30 p.m. in the winter; Lu will change to this time on brochures for Dec., Jan. Feb. March; MIKE—PLZ CHANGE THIS ON THE WEB SITE.


6) 3rd Fridays-Iraq Moratorium Vigils—(see www.iraqmoratorium.com)

NEXT VIGIL—NOV. 16, 5:00-6:00 p.m, Toomers Corner

                  Terri will bring candles and Lu will bring some battery-powered light source to focus attention along with signs. Joy urges signs against war on Iran also. Lu will bring material to make signs, encourages people to bring their own (She and Terri will bring old signs also).

                  Rob will ask students about distributing black armbands on 3rd Friday mornings at campus bus stops—Terri offered black sheet for making them

                  Rob suggests distributing armbands at churches; he will call 1st Baptist; Lu will ask Holy Trinity via Allison, Terri will ask Diana about AUUF

[jcc comment: Mike should continue to contact Chief DeGraffenreid—press?]


Nov 15—Potluck at Judy’s with annual Buddhist Peace Pilgrimage, walking from Atlanta to Columbus to Close SOA/WHINSEC5. Judy will send directions to Javed, Muhammed, Terri, Rob, Diana, Anwar, Wes. People receiving emails can communicate with each other about carpooling (but Diana will arrive from Atlanta). Judy plans to serve dinner at 5:30 for the hungry, tired pilgrims.


Nov. 16-18 SOA Watch Demo, Ft. Benning, Columbus GA (see www.soaw.org) for info about entire time. There will be nonviolence trainings Fri., the16th, at 9 and 1; Judy may assist. Rob will tell AU students about nonviolence training sessions on Fri.


Nov. 17-- Ralph suggests meeting for carpool at 7:45 a.m., Busch parking lot , tentatively leaving Columbus at 6 p.m  (Judy notes that extraordinary concert will probably happen that night)


Nov. 18--Is Mike planning on going Sun? Although Ralph may not be able to go, he proposes a meeting place for Sun. carpool at SE corner of Samford and College at 7:45 a.m.


LU’s remarks--in response to Atty Ben Hand’s OA Letter to Ed re SOA/WHINSEC

After Roy Bourgeois spoke, Mr. Hand invited people through letter to editor to visit WHINSEC. He’s on board of visitors and got Lu in touch with Lee Rials, who said come any time, arriving around 9 a.m. and planning on 1.5 hr. tour, going to different classes. Sounded very welcoming. Mr. Rials sent her a letter with lots of attachments.Lu will email all of this to the APJ list serve.

                  Lu plans to visit the Institute this Friday, Nov. 9, leaving her home about 7 a.m.; people interested in joining her should email her at LuStand@aol.com. Rials knows  people from APJ might ask a lot of questions, being passionate about their perspective.


List-serve: A concern about privacy issues was raised; Javed will see whether it’s possible to have subset for core group emails that are not general public information.


Environmental films—Crude Impact Nov. 28—Judy strongly recommends this film about oil peaking and global struggles/wars related to procuring resources, 7pm, AUUF

                  Joy said Oct.’s film on how Cuba dealt with oil crisis was excellent, noting particularly how, after losing access to petroleum they had no fertilizer/pesticides, no tractors---had to convert to organic farming. Judy & Jim have the DVD if people want to borrow it


Rob---Eyes Wide Open Exhibit: AFSC has arranged the exhibit representing soldiers and civilians killed in Iraq (Initially 500 empty combat boots on mall in DC). Encouraging people to do state focused exhibits; 65 boots for AL soldiers and proportionate # of Iraqi children’s shoes were used in Bhm exhibit in Kelly Ingram Park. It is not political, but a commemoration of all who have been killed; it evokes reflection on what war is costing. Needs: find location, do press releases, be present throughout the day. They recommend notifying families of soldiers, asking whether they would be willing to participate in program. Find campus sponsor if having it outside Cater Hall. Rob will discuss with students.


APJ proposes having it Jan 18th, the 3rd Fri. Iraq Moratorium Day, which precedes MLK celebration/commemoration. Judy will ask whether Terri Rodriquez has pictures of slain AL soldiers from previous demo. Anwar says Washinton Post site has pix.

                  Lu recommends Rob contact Barry Burkhart who helped get Arlington West on campus—(exhibit of 1 cross for each Am killed and 1 for each 100 Iraqis)

                  Contact Auburn Ministerial Assn. in Dec., inviting their participation, including distributing flyers about it beforehand (Javed took dvd to pass on for them to see).

                  Consider “Billionaires for War” leafleting on campus prior to the event, urging people NOT to go see the exhibit nor to attend the Iraq Moratorium vigil that afternoon (Would not want to combine that “street theatre” with commemoration of people killed but definitely in other times and places to jog people’s minds—Rob will discuss this also with students).


Query: what is the impact of our various activities? War goes on. . . .

Various responses—huge difference in way we are received from how it was even 2 years ago—Much more positive, receptive; —maybe that’s not because of what we do but others have realized this war was not good idea and hopefully next time they’ll oppose from beginning; our presence brings the issue home; it’s a slow process; it’s

important for us personally to make a stand


Rob reports AU students are talking about affiliating with Amnesty; he encourages people wanting to make a stand about Burma to visit www.Amnesty USA.org,taking individual action.


It was determined unwise for the organization to promote the petition urging military members not to participate in war on Iran.


 It was suggested some may want to contact senators, opposing nomination of Mukasey and his acceptance of waterboarding.


Javed suggested we consider as a focus for 2008 event a forum on war profiteering, having a contractor army without governmental oversight/controls and also use of such  mercenaries for internal security (Blackwater was present after Katrina.. . . Issue of waterboarding—are these acceptable in democracy like US?—Retired rear adm.,others affirmed wateboarding is torture, etc.).


Rob—there is a lobby for torture in our govt; but there are those in military who would oppose. If we transformed WHINSEC to oppose move toward torture that would be positive.


Rob showed video re Eyes Wide Open.