APJ Minutes

October 2, 2007


In attendance:  Wes (welcome!), Muhammad, Terri, Judy, Lu, Ralph, Mike (Chair), Diana.


1.   Financial report.  We currently have $996.97.  We owe Sharon from the Fellowship for coffee.  An additional $270 will be deposited from earnings at the FarmerŐs Market.


2.   Increasing attendance at public talks.  Possible ideas include a stronger affiliation with AU.  Creating a master list of all people with whom we coordinate, and then contacting the appropriate people and organizations before an event, would also help.  Luke Fry from the Odyssey class at AU also expressed interest in future collaboration.


3.   Website.  Terri has saved newspaper clippings of our events, and gave them to Mike, who will scan them and post them on the website.


4.   Focus the Nation.  The APJ would like to coordinate with the Focus the Nation group on campus, of whom Matthew Williams and Lindy Biggs are part.  Mike will contact them for more information.


5.   Handling problems at rallies.  Concern arose regarding potentially offensive language used by those at our rallies.  We will address individuals during the rally and explain that such language is not acceptable for events that we organize, but do so in a non-confrontational manner.


6.   Sis Levin.  She is offering a peace-building course in Bhm.  We may be interested to ask her to offer a course in Auburn if enough people are interested.


7.   Whistleblower Awards.  Jim has a copy of this.  If you are interested in seeing it, please contact Jim or Judy.


8.   SOA Watch carpool.  We will meet at the Busch Center before going to the rally.


9.   Presente newsletters.  These were distributed between Lu, Ralph and Mike for distribution.


10.                Announcements:

a.   Oct. 19.  Iraq War Moratorium.  Will be held every third Friday.  Black armbands are appropriate to commemorate the Moratorium.

b.   Oct. 21-22.  No War, No Warming campaign is meeting in D.C.

c.   Oct. 27.  UPJ national mobilization in New Orleans and Orlando.

d.   Oct. 29.  Rally in DC.  See article by Ted Glick.

e.   Nov. 15-18.  SOA Watch, Columbus, GA.

f.     Nov. 15.  Judy will see about having a pot luck at her place to welcome the marchers from Selma to Columbus.