The following minutes of the Jan. 2, 2007 meeting are from notes taken by Muhammad, Gloria, and Judy with comments from Terri.


Those attending the Jan. 2, 2007, Alliance for Peace and Justice meeting were Diana Jordan Allende, Lu Stand, Gloria Bowman, Muhammad and Jehanera Ali, Terri Albrecht-Schmitt and Judy Collins Cumbee.

We determined not to have a Jan. 11 anti-torture/close Guantanamo rally in conjunction with international actions; Judy will try to write letter to editor;

The primary topic was planning for what will be the 4th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Interfaith Vigil for Peace at Toomers Corner, Sunday, Jan. 14, at 5:00 p.m. (rain or shine).

Terri will try to write letter to editor about MLK event/s.

Muhammad will contact Anwar about possibly providing canopy, particularly in case of rain.

Diana called Connie Salts who will ask the Pot Luck Drum Choir about drumming for the first part of the vigil, 5:00-5:20 or so..

Judy agreed to call Jessie Williams, asking whether members of her Sweet Chariot Singers can sing a song and lead the group in a couple of peace/freedom songs (Jessie agreed!).

Lu will contact Ernestine Robinson about singing.

Gloria will provide paper cups for candles.

Terri will again provide the MLK quotes used last year for individuals to read.

Muhammad agreed to print them on card stock and cut into individual cards.

We are inviting representatives of various faith groups to share a short--30 second to 1 minute peace reading from their tradition.

        Diana will contact Mike Friedman with Temple Beth Shalom, Muhammad will talk with others in the Islamic Community,  Lu will contact Janice Ross (one of the founders of the first 2003 vigil) with the Buddhists, Gloria will contact Tom Brawner with the Quakers, Judy will contact Sandy Pouncey, Native American; Christian was not determined nor was Unitarian specified.

        Additionally we determined to have  "Youth Voices for Peace" with three young people presenting their personal perspective (about 2 minutes). WE WANT TO STRONGLY PROMOTE YOUTH PARTICIPATION.

        Judy will talk with Barbara Pitts about selecting an African American youth to present,

        Diana and Lu will somehow determine a UU youth,

        Muhammad will talk with the Ahmeds about Azeem or Aleem presenting.

        We want to have presentations interspersed with songs and times of silence, declaring a particular period of silence for those killed in Iraq war, possibly all killed from state-sanctioned violence. Terri, Muhammad and Judy will work that out as they weave together the program. Judy will look for the responsive reading used for last year's vigil, she will ask whether John Zellars can again supply a microphone and will contact Chief Frazier in Tuskegee who may want to video the vigil.

        APJ brochures will be distributed if available and a handout listing upcoming events of APJ will be inserted or distributed [WHO WILL PRINT UP and make copies of this calendar of events on one page, possibly front and back (size 1/3 of an 8.5x11 paper) to be inserted in the tri-fold brochure, if the brochure is available? If not it doesn't matter what size the calendar is]. Muhammad will send Gloria copy of the brochure.

ANNOUNCEMENT below: Judy sent to Ethel Wed. (phone numbers are Ralph's and Terri's)

The 4th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Interfaith Vigil for Peace will be held Sunday, Jan. 14, at Toomer's Corner, beginning at 5:00 p.m. Brief readings on peace from Dr. King and other religious perspectives will be interspersed with songs and prayerful silence. "Voices for Peace" will be those of three youth presenting their own views. The Pot Luck Drum Choir has been invited, providing West African rhythms to begin our vigil. Community-wide participation is encouraged. Please bring a candle. For information call 823-3005 or 821-5187.

******************************************************************************************************************************************************Judy said that she was exploring the possibility of Eric LeCompte, D.C. coordinator of SOA Watch to speak for us before or after the vigil on the 14th. He is a very active peacemaker, having lived in Latin America and having worked for both Witness for Peace and, she believe, Fellowship of Reconciliation. He will be speaking in Bhm the 13th for SCLC & the Bhm Peace Project. She could bring him to Auburn from Bhm. People confirmed the Alliance sponsoring him if that can be arranged.


MLK Community Service, Jan. 15, noon. We strongly encourage people to attend at AME Zion Church, Hwy 14 (576 Martin Luther King Dr.), about 2 blocks west of Donahue (on right as drive west)

NEXT MEETING-- Tues, Feb. 6: 6:30  Brief business meeting, moving to sanctuary for 7:00 p.m. public showing of Ground Truth, with Iraq vets denouncing the war (unfinished essential business after the movie). Church availability to be checked by Diana.

Sabeel Conference in Bhm Feb. 9-10 re Israel/Palestine (Judy already forwarded email to list serve). Sis Levin and Rachel Corrie's parents will be among the presenters. Diana suggested the possibility of our having a reading of I Am Rachel Corrie. Could ask permission in Bhm.

MARCH 6 BRIEF MEETING-- 6:30, Discussion on Jimmy Carter's book, Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid, at 7pm, after APJ meeting. Judy will contact former Presidential Symposium coordinators inquiring whether there is any way AU would bring Carter to campus. She will also try to contact Millard Fuller. Others will explore other AU avenues for getting Carter to Auburn.

APRIL 4---40TH ANNIVERSARY DR. KING'S RIVERSIDE ADDRESS--Muhammad will try to get video/audio tape of Martin Luther King's speech at Riverside Church delivered on April, 4th 1967 for a public showing. Diana suggested that there should be an introduction given before the tape is played, and a discussion afterwards.

AMERICA, THE MOVIE---Diana suggested our showing this, sometime prior to tax day, Apr. 15.

[I, Judy, am adding we really need a publicity chair and someone willing to use their telephone # on the brochure and in announcements as a contact. Ralph & Terri agreed to be listed for Jan. 14 announcement above. Add this to Feb. agenda, plz].

************************BULLETIN---LATEST NEWS********ERIC LECOMPTE TO SPEAK FOR US JAN. 14***********************
Judy is working on time and place.