APJ agenda

June 13, 2006, 6:30-8:30 pm

Busch Center

In attendance: Judy, Lu, Diana, Mike (Chair), Anwar, Ralph, Javed


1. APJC representation at a meeting to be held on June 24, 2006 at 11am in BHM. Judy will attend. Mike will send Judy details of the meeting. Our organization will have one vote.


2. Vote on APJC structure. The APJ is prepared to approve the APJC structure as it is, though we would like to change the wording to “focus on issues of peace and justice” instead of “war and peace,” or adding “but will not exclude other issues of justice.”


Also, for clarification, we understand that APJC listserv emails will not be moderated. Only problem individuals will be moderated. Problem individuals will be determined by vote.


3. Financial report. (Diana). $522.16 is currently in the APJ account now, which is up from about $250 last month (thanks again, Ralph!). We sold 4 bags of Fair Trade coffee at the Farmer’s Market on June 1 for $9 per bag at a cost of $7 each.


4. PO Box report. (Diana) Diana has the keys to the PO Box. The box costs $40 per year, not $80 as previously thought. It is currently paid thru august. The bank statement currently comes to the Busch Center. Lu has taken one of the keys. It is box number 2654.


5. Community market volunteering. We still need to get dates that they require help. Contact is Elsie Slaughter. Anwar will send Mike a phone number.


6. Farmer’s market:

a. Fundraising:

i. Bumper stickers. $420 for 1000. Jim will purchase after we have our domain name registered.

ii. Fair trade coffee. Anwar has donated two cases. (A big thank you to Anwar!) One case of mind, body and soul and one case of whatever Sharon recommends will be purchased. We will also buy the coffee we have in our possession from Sharon.

iii. Banner. Lu will put the word “justice” on the one we have and pass it off to Mike, who will get it to the Farmer’s Market on the days that someone is available to host a table.

iv. Tote bags. We may be able to make tote bags for sale. Terri has volunteered to make a prototype.


b. Tri-fold brochures. Javed will get information on this. Items for possible inclusion in the brochure include Memorial Day events, MLK day, April 1, interfaith king service and bell tolling, among other things. Mohammad Ali may have some more information on this.


c. Voter registration forms. Ralph will drop off the completed forms to the Opelika Courthouse. He will find out if they can be mailed.


7. Website: www.peaceeagle.org. Javed will register this name for $3 per month.


8. Speakers Committee: Levins are coming to Auburn. They can come on Monday, Sept 11 or Wed, Sept 13. The 11th is preferable. They will talk about their work in the middle east. They ask a $300 honorarium to fund their work there. Their presentation could go through an International Student Organization or Jill Crystal may be able to help. The committee will check into the logistics. We could have a vigil on that day and possibly a pot-luck as well. We could get them to talk in classes (contact Nicky Hicks). Diana will check to see if the Fellowship is available.


9. Announcements:


a. Living the Dream March. Nov. 13 to 18, 2006.


b. Peanut butter and jelly Sunday, June 18. Food drive to benefit East Alabama Food Bank at the Fellowship. Any non-perishable food is ok, but particularly PB and J is desired.


c. Thursday June 15 is the Alabama Arise meeting at noon at the Busch Center.