APJ minutes

Sept. 4, 2007

7-8:30 pm


In attendance: Lu, Chris, Mike (Chair), Terri, Ralph, Judy, Muhammad, Jahannarra.


Minutes published by Mike.


1.  Financial report.  (Diana, en abstentia.) These are inexact figures: $700 is currently in our account.  Incoming will be about $300 from the platter from the AUUF during the Bob Matt talk.  A big thank you to the AUUF for helping us bring him to Auburn!  We wrote a check for $22 for the Presente newsletters (about 100-150).  Terri needs to be reimbursed for printing of flier inserts.  Muhammad donated printing fees for APJ fliers.  Thank you Terri and Muhammad for helping get the job done!


2.  Mailbox.  We got a box of Presente newsletters as well as some great fanmail!  Mike will post the fanmail on www.peaceeagle.org after redacting identifying elements.


3.  FarmerÕs Market.  A big thank you to Ralph and Lu, who have faithfully sat at the farmerÕs market almost every week this season.  We currently have $246 in income from sales, though we have not yet paid for the coffee we sold, so a large portion of that income will go to expenditures.  Two more markets are scheduled this year:  Oct. 11 and 18, so visit our APJ stand while you still can!  You should be able to find Presente newsletters there, too.


4.  Presente newsletters.  These were received in our mailbox.  Will distribute depending on Roy Bourgeois schedule.  We may also donate more money to Presente, depending on how things go with bringing Roy Bourgeois to Auburn.  See item #6 below.


5.  Sept. 21, 2007; International Day of Peace rally at ToomerÕs Corner.  The Episcopal Church is having a service that day.  Mike will give an estimate of 20-150 in attendance to the Auburn City Police Chief.  The College Dems are interested.  Chris communicated with Hillary regarding this action.  Ralph contacted the Drummers.  Judy will contact the local churches.  Terri contacted Tom Hodges and will pursue contact with Ed Hording and Pat Yeats.  It would be great if Diana could contact Jim Evans.  Mike will contact the Libertarians, OA News, and the Plainsman.  Terri will write a press release or an editorial OA News, and possible distribute for additional signatures.  It may be useful to contact Lew Rockwell and Nikki Hicks, as well.


A Sundilla concert will be held at the AUUF on this day at 7:30 PM, and there will be a Pinwheels for Peace display there as well.


6.  Roy Bourgeois.  The APJ will investigate options to bring him to campus to speak.  Judy will contact him to check his schedule.  Potential coordinators at AU are the Political Science Dept, Jill Crystal, Kelly Allie, and Steve Brown.  Muhammad, Lu and Kristen are willing to serve on a sub-committee if he is able to come to Auburn.


7.  APJ fliers.  Muhammad will print another 100 APJ fliers.  Lu will print 150 inserts and distribute them to Dayspring.  Chris, Mike and Terri are willing to distribute them on campus.  Mike will post TerriÕs final insert on the website so people can print it off themselves if they so choose.


8.  Announcements.

a.   Mike Rogers appears to be softening his stance on climate change, and is favoring bioenergy production.  Judy urges people to contact him regarding action in Iran.

b.   AU Sustainability Office can be contacted regarding sustainability issues on campus, including LEED Certification of the new dorms and bike lane issues.  Lindy Biggs is the contact person at the Sustainability Office. http://www.auburn.edu/projects/sustainability/index.php

c.   We may, in the future, be interested in contacting Ray McGovern, former career CIA expert on the Middle East, to see if he would be interested in speaking at AU.  Info on him is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_McGovern

d.   We may wish to contact the APJC to see if people are interested in getting a bus to go to the No War No Warming rally in DC on Oct. 22.

e.   Actions in DC are planned for Sept. 15 and 29.

f.     Lorna Shane may be available for Òcounter-recruitmentÓ information.

g.   Some kind of alliance may be possible to coordinate actions and information among local progressive organizations.  Chris has contact with the College Dems, and may be willing to coordinate further in this regard.