*there have been some changes in scheduling, etc. since Tuesday's meeting that are not reflected in the minutes. Any important changes will be sent to the APJ e-list separately. Lu



Alliance for Peace and Justice


Tues.,Sept. 5, 2006

Busch Center


In attendance: Ralph, Judy, Lu and Diana.  Judy acted as facilitator; Lu took the minutes.


1. Brochure: A tri-fold APJ brochure, which includes past events sponsored by APJ, the web-site address and other info is in the making. Muhammad is working on this project. Perhaps the brochure could be available at the Levins presentation on Sept. 11. Diana will contact Muhammad.


2. Levins: Sis and Jerry will arrive in Auburn Monday am.


Ralph or Judy? will speak to Wells Warren, chaplain at St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church in downtown Auburn, to arrange a near campus parking space for the Levins. Ralph and Nikki Hicks will meet the Levins either at St. Dunstan's or at AUUF, then Ralph will car-pool all to the various venues. Ralph will pick up a campus hang tag.


Visit to Mike Roger's office--12-1pm: Levins and other "concerned citizens" will visit Congressman Mike  Roger's Opelika office. (No official word as yet if Rogers or one of his staff will meet with us)  Afterwards, Judy and Lu will return to the AUUF to set-up for the Potluck. Lu will purchase lemonade, spring water, etc. for the potluck.


Visit to campus--2pm     Jerry will speak to Dr. John Carvalho's Journalism Reporting class in 301B Tichenor.

                       3-4pm  Reception for Sis and Jerry at 320 Tichenor (Journalism Library).

                                  *Public encouraged to attend*

       Ralph is working on getting Sis to speak to an Education class--Prof. Andrew Weaver.

       Ralph will speak with Anwar about Sis speaking to a psych class--Prof. Randy Pipes.


Patriot's Day Vigil at Toomers Corner--5-6pm:  Levins will be present. All encouraged to attend. Lu and Judy will bring some signs and APJ banner.


Potluck at AUUF--6:30-7:15 or so: Diana will ask AUUF "angels" on Sunday to leave the potluck tables and chairs in place. And as the time nears for the Levins presentation, Diana will alert the diners with an announcement.


Presentation by Sis and Jerry--7:30-8:30




             Diana has e-mailed Levin flyer to Auburn Ministerial Association. Judy will send Diana a short e-mail re: events to forward to Ministerial Assoc. for inclusion in Sunday church bulletins. Ralph will call Nikki to see if she can get info into Plainsman and he'll bring flyer by Daysprings. Lu will notify Lisa Brouilette of above events.




             The Levins will receive $300 from APJ for their efforts. Additional money from Auburn Univ. may be forthcoming, in appreciation for the Levins meeting with classes. If AU gives the Levins $100+, donations made the night of the presentation will be divided evenly between the Levins and APJ. If however, AU gives the Levins less than $100, the full am't of donations will go to Sis and Jerry.


              AUUF will give all unpledged donations from this Sunday's "ingathering" collection to APJ. Thank you all so much.


3. Treasurer's Report: Diana lists balance at $582.16.  So far, a total of $108 has been raised at the AU Ag Market. Lu will deposit $60 of proceeds from Ag. sales into account.


4. Living the Dream March:  Judy asked for APJ support for the March. Consensus to give $50 to effort and more if/when possible.


minutes submitted by Lu Stand.