Meeting Minutes for July1, 2008 (APJ)

Attendees: Terri, Lu, Mike, Ralph, and Judy

Submitted by Terri Albrecht-Schmitt

Treasury:    account balance: $780.00 currently          

new money: $209.00 from AU Farmer’s Market + $10.00 for basil sent to APJ box + $21 to Diana (all to be added into above total)

APJ was at the Farmer’s Market twice.  This total is for both markets.  The seed money has been subtracted.  Pottery for sale was donated by Amy Kaiser.  (Lu will send a thank you card to her.)

Look for APJ at July 10th market!

Matthis Chiroux will be sent $200.00.  We will see about sending him more next month.  (Possibly, we will be helping to pay his travel to Auburn in the future too.)  Diana will send the money along with a Peace Eagle bumper sticker and an APJ brochure.

          We think it is time for $20 to go to AUUF for the use of the Busch Center.  (We agreed to send them $20 quarterly.)


Alabama-Mississippi Peace Network Alliance:  If anyone is interested in being the liaison, speak up!  Right now, Mike will tell them if they need us to contact us. Mike will also send out their website to APJ members.


Brochures:  We are nearly out.  If anyone has any more at home and can get them to Lu or Ralph before the next Farmer’s market, that would be a good help.  Mike will see if Emma will update our brochure before we invest in printing more.  Mike will print off 25 more to hold us over until the make-over.


Iraq Moratorium:  Friday, July 18, 2008 5 – 6 pm, Toomer’s Corner  Please submit pictures of our vigil here to get the word out!


SAN (Student Action Network): Showing film “Ground Truth” on August 21st time?

          Eyes Wide Open August 18th They need a couple of drivers with vans or trucks, preferably. Gas will be reimbursed for the travel to Birmingham and back.  Ralph has already volunteered to drive.  Could the display be stored at the Busch Center somewhere?


Potential Speakers:  Judy will contact Steve Shanks (Episcopal Priest / Peace worker) who will be speaking at SOA Watch in October.  We have $100 reserved for him if he does come.  Judy will also contact Larry Gerber about how to get support to bring in big names on campus.  (Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern are two suggestions.  We will help fund them.)  Mike will also look into how to get funding.  Judy will contact Javed about how to get Juan Cole here.  Howard Zinn is another potential speacker.

Matthis Chiroux:  Lu- what about hints to make sure recruiting is “fair-recruiting”.  Judy will check AFSC about info there.

          Might he speak at Auburn High School (Judy)?  Mike will contact Chiroux and ask him about coming to Auburn and if there are family members or friends that we could contact to help us come up with a “Matthis Chiroux Day”.  Might he also send a guest column or letter to editor to OA News?

          Judy suggests that after we hear back from Chiroux that we plan another fundraising letter. 


International Day of Peace (Sept 21st):  Might we have a peace pole dedicated in an Auburn city park?  Other ideas?




Addendum to Minutes: Judy has made some initial contacts to find out about speakers.  She sent an inquiry to Steve Shanks.  She also contacted Javed about Juan Cole.  We need to pursue departments such as Journalism at AU to see is they will help support bringing the speaker(s) here.

          Mike contacted an organization that schedules speaking tours for
Ray McGovern (CIA Middle East analyst for 30 years) and Scott Ridder (UN Weapons Inspector).  He is waiting for them to tell him when they could be available to speak at AU.


Here is the website for AL/MS Peace Alliance

            Here is some info directly from Larry Gerber.  “The sources of funding I tapped into to pay for Vivian included the
 University Special Lectures Fund ($750); Pebble Hill Center for the 
Arts and Humanities ($500); the History and Political Science Departments; and the College of Liberal Arts.  I think it is the case that the sooner requests go in at the beginning of the fall semester, the better the chance of getting money.”