APJ Minutes

Oct. 3, 2006, 6:30-8:30 pm

Busch Center, 450 E. Thatch, Auburn, AL


In attendance:  Mike (Chair), Judy, Diana, Terri, Lu, Ralph, Mohammad



  1. Report on the Fund-raiser letter and the AG market booth. Response to our appeal for funds was outstanding. Thank-you letters were sent by Lu to donors.  Our current balance is  $503.  The APJ presented a check for $300 as an honoraria, which has already been cashed.  In addition, we have $50 from Jim Gravious. On Oct. 12, Ralph will sit at the market.


  1. Report on Sis and Jerry Levin presence Sept. 11.  The presentation was discussed and we particularly enjoyed the personal nature of Sis’s presentation.  Jerry’s presentation may have been perceived on the harsh side by some.  Some members of the community were disturbed, though the need to hear the other side (i.e., the Palestinian side) is recognized.  People seem to have appreciated the talk generally, but it may have been more constructive to specifically address actions that we could take.  $351 was also collected by those in attendance for their mission in Palestine.


  1. (Mohammed) APJ brochure.  Draft copies were distributed.  Lu will get permission from Terrisa Morrison, Ivan and Leo for use of their image.  Our PO Box is 2654, zip 36831.  Phone number to be used will be Ralph’s:  334-826-3005.  Can we change our newsgroups name from eaa4gj to APJ or PeaceEagle@yahoogroups.com?  (Javed)  Can we have an email address such as peaceadmin@whatever.com that will go to the current administrator?  Other events under the “sponsored events” could include films.  Any other events, corrections, ideas, etc. should be emailed to Mohammed.  He will post the brochure on the listserve for comments.


  1. Thank you notes.  Terri and Lu will make sure a thank you note will be sent to the AUUF for the donations, meeting space, room to show the films, potlucks, etc.  Lu has already sent thank-you notes to our generous donors.


  1. Report on Sept. 21---(International Day of Peace).  About 14 people showed up for potluck and the movie.  A great write-up in the OA News editorial supported our position.  Mike will scan this article and post it on the website.  In the future, someone should try to show up on time to meet people who expect us to be at Toomer’s Corner for vigils at the specified time.  Mike will send info to the APJC.


  1. Update on Nov. 11-19, "Living the Dream--Co-creating the Beloved Community of Humankind".  Participation at the Capitol on Sun. at 3:30, Nov. 12 is encouraged.  On Nov. 16, an event at St. James Baptist church in Opelika will be happening.  Contact Judy for details.  Al Sharpton’s brother will speak as well.  The weblink, which can be accessed from our website, should be active tomorrow. 


  1. Work for Nov. elections
            Plainsman ads will be placed by Mike
    .  The following were approved:

Š       Even if you're pro-war, you must be anti-failure.  A free Osama, record debt and more terrorism equal failure.  www.peaceeagle.org

Š       Nothing aids the enemy like incompetent leadership.  Say NO to failed policies.  www.peaceeagle.org

Š       War is not pro-life.  Is "Thou shall not kill" so confusing?  www.peaceeagle.org



Carolyn Ellis' and other campaigns that the New South Coalition supports:

                        John England, Supreme Court

                        Aubry Ford, Appeals

                        Sue Bell Cobb, Chief Justice Supreme Court

                        Kay Abby, Treasurer

                        Anderson, Supreme Court

                        Susan Parker, Public Service Commission

                        J.M. Cook, Auditor


  1. Announcements:


  WHEN: Thursday, October 5th, 2006  1:00 to 3:30 p.m.
 WHERE: The State Capitol Building in Montgomery
          600 Dexter Avenue in the Auditorium

RSVP by sending an  e-mail to accr4@bellsouth.net
or call 205-540-7501

For information go to www.constitutionalreform.org



Š       Oct. 5-8, Creating Cultures of Peace workshop this week, Camp McDowell

Š       Do we want to show a film on Oct 14?  (Ralph)


Š       Place on future agenda:


o      Becoming part of the AL Constitution Convention Coalition.


o      Executive committee for interim decision-making (so emails can be copied to an even smaller core for decision making)?