APJ Minutes

Aug. 7, 2007, 7:00-8:30 pm

Busch Center

Attending:  Lu, Mike, Chris, Kristen, Ralph, Terri

1.   Website.  Needs to be updated.  Mike will take care of this.

2.   Ag Market.  More brochures are needed (Muhammed).  Terri will print some inserts featuring upcoming events.

3.   Int’l Day of Peace.  Will be held on Friday, Sept. 21, 2007 at 5 pm at Toomer’s Corner.  There is a home game on Saturday.  Mike will check with Moveon.org to see if they are sponsoring events.  Lu will check with Lew Rockwell.  Ralph will check to see if the drummers are available..  Terri will check with Tom Hodges.  Chris will check with Hillary’s organization.  Other people that need to be contacted include:  The police chief, College Dems, College Libertarians, religious organizations (Ethyl White – Judy?), and the media (the villager, the corner, OA News, Channel 9, Eagle Eye, Plainsman, WEGL, WSFA out of Montgomery, Channel 66 possibly.  Lu and Terri will try to secure the lyrics to the peace eagle song.  Signs are encouraged appropriate for a day of peace.  Ideas for the rally are encouraged.

4.   Banner.  The world banner has a broken grommet.  Lu will get this fixed.

5.   Presente newsletter.  (Judy) The APJ has voted to approve a $22 contribution toward the printing of 100+ newletters, which we will distribute in time for the SOA Watch in November.

6.   Roy Bourgeois.  The APJ is willing to endorse and/or sponsor him to speak at Auburn, finances permitting.

7.   Film:  Crude Impact.  This film should be shown in conjunction with the environmental film series sponsored by the Unitarian Fellowship in order to maximize attendance.  It may be desirable to show it at the Busch Center for a more casual and comfortable setting.  Ralph will check with Sharon and Diana regarding availability.

8.   Announcements.

a.  A one-day fast on Sept. 4 will be held in solidarity with the No War No Warming campaign.  Contact Judy for more details.

b.  Dennis Kucinich is looking for a statewide organizer in Alabama.  Contact Robert Ruszkowski at skiman1115@yahoo.com for more information.

9.  Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 7 pm.

More information can be found at www.peaceeagle.org.