APJ agenda

April 3, 2007

Busch Center

In attendance:  Judy, Mike, Ralph, Mohammed, Jahanara, Anwar, Diana, Javed, Lu, Terri, Lindsay.


1)   Dr. C.T. Vivian.  Larry Gerber is coordinating the AU activities and funding.  We have not had contact with Dr. Vivian recently, but expect that he will show up.  He has confirmed the event.  We expect that Larry has taken care of speakers, etc. and Jim will help set up ahead of time.  Mohammed has bought the speeches on CD at a cost of $27.  The speech will be in Thatch Hall room 112 at 4 PM.  We should bring APJ fliers, which can now be downloaded off our website or here (http://www.peaceeagle.org/resources/Vivian2Flyer.pdf).  Mohammed will try to bring some fliers.  Back up plan is to replay the MLK speech.  We might try to have a visual (still) of MLK during the audio.  The caterer:  $500 for 150 people for the reception.  $425 for 100 people.  AU will fund the caterer.  5:30 to 6:30.  The room must be vacated by 6:45 pm.  A small group, representative of the sponsors, will take Dr. Vivian to dinner at APJ expense.  Lu will buy napkins.  Thanks to Emma for designing the flier.  We should consider bringing the MLK interfaith vigil banner and the APJ banner.  Anyone able to bring vases, please do so.  Perhaps a moment of silence can be led by Dr. Vivian to commemorate the death of MLK.  We should have a sign up list for APJ contact info and possibly the petition at the event tomorrow.

2)   APJ will pay $27 to Mohammed for the MLK speeches.

3)   Market:  Begins on April 19.  Gloria has pottery.  We have no Fair Trade coffee or chocolate.  Ralph will talk to Sharon to get coffee.  Ralph will find out about chocolate as well.  Fair Trade brochures would be handy to get as well.  Lu will bring bumper stickers to the market.

4)   About 100 people signed the petition against the current US involvement in Iraq.  Lu will send this to our congressmen.  These should be made available at the speech tomorrow, if AU gives permission.

5)   Mike will link and put up some photos from EvaŐs website.  He will also put the pdf for Dr. VivianŐs talk.

6)   APJ will give $40 to the AUUF for use of their facilities tomorrow.




April 12?  Take back the night for the Clothesline Project.  T-shirts against violence.  Happening on AU campus.  Stay tuned for info.