APJ Minutes

July 11, 2006

Busch Center

In attendance: Judy, Terri, Emma, Anwar, Ralph, Anwar, Gloria, Lu, Mohammed, Rob, Mike (Chair).



  1. Update on APJC meeting.


    1. A planning committee will need to organize meetings.
    2. Sept. 21, Int’l Day of Peace. A planning committee will have more info on this soon.


  1. APJC Planning Committee Representative. Mike self-nominated and was elected to represent the APJ.


  1. Fundraising at market. We now have about two cases of coffee to sell. Gloria has pottery that has been donated by the Pottery Center for our benefit. Gloria will write a thank you note to the Pottery Center for their generous donation. [334-319-1351 cell (Gloria)]. Terri has materials to make cloth grocery bags. She will also look up www.bringyourbag.com to see about getting bags professionally made.


  1. APJ banner. Thank you Lu for a wonderful job!


  1. Watada support at Fort Benning. Lt. Watada is being court martialed for conscientious objection to the war. This will probably occur in September.


  1. APJ mailbox. We are keeping the post box at a cost of $40 per year. The box number is 2654. Lu will check the box once a month.


  1. Bumperstickers. No PO Box address will go on the bumpersticker. Jim can submit our order at his earliest convenience.


  1. Update on and official endorsement of “Living the Dream: A March to Redeem the Soul of America”, Nov. 12-19. A committee has formed for this event. A non-violence training course is scheduled before the march. The march is from Montgomery to Columbus, connecting with the Selma to Montgomery march. In mid-August there will be a decision as to whether or not this march will go forward. The march connects with the SOA Watch in Columbus.


The APJ has unanimously voted to endorse this march.


  1. APJ tri-fold brochure. Mohammed and Javed have provided a tri-fold template. Mohammed will update the brochure. Email the listserv any events that you would like to be included in this brochure. Deadline: July 20. Also, Emma will come up with an APJ logo. Email emma with ideas for logos. Mohammed will send a pdf to the listserv.


  1. Report on Levin’s presenting Sept. 11. There is no new info on this yet.


  1. Fall Newsletter. We have permission to use parts of the Peace and National Priorities Center newsletter. We could have a small newsletter to distribute around the campus, Dayspring, etc. We should consider this for the future.



  1. Rob will help with the website. Mike will send him the username and password.


  1. Announcements:
    1. Nonviolence Education Seminar, Selma July 15-17–Register by July 12.
    2. Nov. 17-19 is the SOA watch.
    3. Sept. 21, Int’l Day of Peace.
    4. Kroger has cloth grocery bags for 99 cents. www.bringyourbag.com We may be able to use the supplier to design our own bags!


  1. (Judy) (30 min) “Soldiers Speak Out” DVD.


  1. Future:
    1. Can we put APJ on our checking account?
    2. Possible future film to show “Sir! No Sir!”